City Services and Offices

Virtual Meeting Access

During the COVID-19 pandemic, City Council and committee meetings will be held virtually for committee members and for members of the public who wish to participate.  These meetings will be held via ZOOM.  Instructions and meeting codes for each meeting will be published here 24 hours prior to the meeting. Click here to visit the Virtual Meetings page.

Those wishing to watch the meeting, without commenting, may stream meetings via the City’s YouTube channel here.

City Hall /  Utility Payments

City Hall is closed to the public. While City Hall is closed, in-person payments for bills and invoices will not be available. The payments office will continue to be staffed, and they will process payments and reports as usual. Customers may use drop-boxes outside of City Hall (check or money order only) and continue to make payments through the mail or electronically through the City’s payments page here. Requests for new service can be made by phone or by email. For new service contact information, please go here.  

Police Department

The Fayetteville Police Department front lobby is now closed. However, the public can still access the vestibule through the front doors and use the call box. The call box will direct you to the Records Department, which is currently working 24 hours a day for you.

Parks and Recreation

City parks are open. However, some City park amenities are closed until further notice, and groups that do not practice distancing on city park property are prohibited. 

All city trails will remain open at this time. All playgrounds are open, and additional restrooms near these playgrounds and along the trail system are open to support visitors’ health and sanitation needs while at the park and trails. For a complete listing of restrooms, playgrounds, and other re-openings, please check here:

If parks are crowded, please visit another park site (click here to view a map of City parks and trails) or return when the park is less crowded. To help families experiencing cabin fever, park staff is developing programming that allows for social distancing. Please join our Parks and Recreation social media including Facebook and Twitter to keep informed. Follow CDC guidelines including staying home if you or a family member is sick or experiencing symptoms.

The Parks and Recreation Department office and Yvonne Richardson Community Center are closed. Our Department is operating with some staff working from the office and others working from their home. Park Maintenance Staff are essential staff and are working their normal schedule of 7 am – 3:30 pm. Signage is posted on our front door.  Please contact us by email or 479-444-3471 if you have questions.

Code Compliance

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the City’s Community Resources Division is continuing to issue notices for violations of City code for such things as overgrown lawns, blocking of right-of-way, etc. However, in order to protect our staff and residents from COVID-19, our officers will no longer place hang-tags on doors, but will instead place a violation notice on a stake in the yard.  As always, no notice of violation is made unless a complaint has been made to the City and the complaint has been verified.

Animal Services

Animal Services is now closed to the public.  Staff are caring for the animals as normal, and we will be answering phones as normal. Animal control officers will be switching to emergency only calls beginning today, March 17 at noon. Staff will still be working with citizens to help them reclaim their pet(s) if they are impounded by an animal services officer. Animal Services is temporarily suspending owner surrenders and our income-based spay/neuter clinic until further notice.

Animal Services is waiving all adoption fees currently due to the COVID19 pandemic.
If you are interested in adopting, please follow these steps:

  1. If you are interested in an adoptable shelter pet, please call the shelter at 479-444-3456 and speak with the staff member in charge of the pet’s care. 
  2. If you think the pet will be a good fit, next fill out the adoption application which can be found on the city’s website at the link below and email it to   Link:
  3. Lastly, Animal Services will arrange a time for you to come to the shelter, meet the pet, and if all goes well, take the pet home!  


Parking regulations remain in effect for the City of Fayetteville and a scaled-back approach to enforcement is being used to ensure compliance with those regulations. Warnings for expired and unpaid meters are being issued as a method to inform parkers that the regulations are still in effect. However, multiple warnings for frequent violators could result in a citation. In addition, several on-street parking spaces throughout the Downtown area have been converted to “free” temporary parking for curbside pickup.

The City’s Parking Division area now closed to the public. We are still operational with some staff continuing to work in the office and some staff working from home.  Please contact us by email at or 479-575-8280 if you have any questions