What You Can Do to Help get a Complete Count

Covid-19 Update

Now, more than ever, it is important that everyone pitch in to help us get the word out and encourage everyone to complete their census. 

Because of the need for social distancing, many outreach activities that were planned by the City’s Complete Count Committee have been canceled. This means that we need to adjust our tactics and find ways to reach people in their homes to remind them of the importance of completing the 2020 census. 

You can be an ambassador for the 2020 Census!  Here’s what you can do to help us get a complete count.

  • Be sure to complete your own census early and encourage your friends and family members to be counted.
  • Use your social media channels to spread the word about the importance of the census, and encourage others to share.  You can follow the City’s social media to share our posts, too. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  
  • Ask your school, civic organization, business, or church to share census information through their online channels such as social media, email newsletters, or website.

If You are a Business Owner

The census is important for economic development in Fayetteville, as well. Census data:

• Provides the basis for distributing grants for economic development and informs business decisions, such as local business expansion.

• Creates projections of growth and helps identify prime locations to open new operations.

• Helps business owners enhance hiring practices and identify skilled workers.

• Offers valuable information on your customer base, including income levels, household size, and home ownership, which can further inform business strategies such as pricing and locations.

• Determines how much funding your community receives and its representation in government.

If you are a business owner, you can post census information in your place of business and on your website, and encourage your employees to complete their own census questionnaires. 

Company Partners

If you are part of a larger company, you can encourage your company to become a 2020 Census Partner, including social media campaigns, presentations to your employees or peers, dissemination of information to your clients or customers, and more. Click here for more information on becoming a Company Partner