Fay Jones Woods Improvements

Improvements planned for Fay Jones Woods include restoration of Tanglewood Branch Creek, removal of invasive species, a canopy walk, overlook, and improved access to the Razorback Greenway from the library via accessible trails.

Designers of the new trails and spaces in the Fay Jones Woods have taken pains to ensure that the trails and other elements to be constructed are sensitively sited to allow for public enjoyment of the existing natural forest landscape.  Construction methods will also allow for maximum preservation of the forest. 

As an homage to well-known architect and Fayetteville native Fay Jones, the design of railings along the new boardwalks will be reminiscent of one of Fay Jones' signature styles, as seen in the railing of Stoneflower, a weekend cottage designed by Jones located at Eden Isle on Greer's Ferry Lake (see below).

Stoneflower Cottage, designed by Fay Jones.

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Images of Fay Jones Woods, new trails and spaces drawings