About Rentals


If you are looking to use the space during regular business hours and have privacy, renting is for you! If you are wanting to use the space during regular business hours but are open to sharing the space with others, please refer to our calendar and look for open gym times, which are free to the public. 

Rental rates vary by space, time of day, and length of time needed, as well as by equipment requested for use during the rental. Every rental requires a deposit.

A rental deposit/payment may be forfeited for any of the following:

- Not cancelling within 48 of reservation (inclement weather excluded)

- Damaged property/not returning or restoring property to its original condition. 

- Going 10 minutes (or m ore) over specified reservations (subject to additional charges)

- Not cleaning spaces used and/or disposing of trash

- Not properly storing supplies/equipment

- The possession or use of a weapon, alcohol, and/or tobacco

- Selling tickets, products, and/or charging for admission without staff pre-approval

- Adhering signage without staff pre-approval

- immoral/illegal activity