X-Factor Homeschool PE Class

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The YRCC offers a weekly homeschool physical education class for ages 6-16 years. This course focuses on recreation and sport activities that teach health, nutrition, sportsmanship, sports fundamentals, and movement skills. Each semester is designed to expose youth to a variety of ways to stay healthy and active aligning with the YRCC's mission to shape today's youth for tomorrow's challenges via recreational, educational, and opportunities. Register for the X-Factor Homeschool PE Class.

Children and families will enjoy facilitation of an array of physical and nutritional activities, including, but not limited to, fishing, kayaking, rock climbing, archery, disc golf, ultimate frisbee, soccer, hiking, volleyball, and basketball. Activities vary by semester and age.

Participants sign up for the Tuesday and/or Thursday class by week, opting to come once or twice a week depending on the preference of the child. Both classes meet from 9:30am-11am at the Yvonne Richardson Community Center or locations throughout Fayetteville (e.g. Kessler Regional Park, Natural Grocers, Lake Fayetteville, etc.). Class location can be found on syllabus, listed with each week activity.

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