Yvonne Richardson Community Center

What is this project?

Expansion of the YRCC building and possible improvements to exterior park amenities.

Why is it important?

The center is a popular venue in the City of Fayetteville and is limited by the lack of space for programs and activities. A multipurpose room, teaching kitchen, and storage are needed to help better serve the community at the heavily used center.

What is the current status?

Bond projects are divided into groups. Each group will be approximately three years. Developing schematic plans for YRCC is in the first bond group and improvements to the park are scheduled for the second bond group. Approximately $1.0 million is targeted to be spent at YRCC. Donors have expressed and intrest in supporting this project and during schematic design information to help with fund raising will be developed.

When will it be completed?

Construction is expected to begin in the first year of the second group of 2019 bond projects.