Electric Motorized Scooters

E-Scooter Vendors

Spin and Veo e-Scooters are both available and fully operational in Fayetteville. 

Rules for Riders

General Rules

Rules for scooters are similar to those for bicycles. Scooters may operate in most places bicycles are allowed such as bike lanes, paved trails and in streets. Scooters may be ridden sidewalks except where the building face is adjacent to the sidewalk and riders must yield to pedestrians on sidewalks.

 Below is an overview of general regulations. 

  • Minimum age for riding is 16 years old
  • Scooters can be ridden anywhere bicycles are allowed, including streets and paved trails.
  • Riding on sidewalks downtown is prohibited. Riding on sidewalks in most other areas of the City is permitted, but riders must yield to pedestrians and use extra caution at crosswalks and driveways.
  • Use the bell to notify pedestrians of your approach before passing them. 
  • On roadways, scooters should travel to the right, unless making a left turn or where lanes are too narrow to safely accommodate scooter and autos side-by-side. Never ride against traffic. 
  • Scooter use is prohibited INSIDE of any building.
  • Helmets prevent head injuries and are strongly recommended.
  • Using a cellphone, headphones, earbuds or any similar device that impairs hearing is prohibited while riding a scooter.
  • Scooter operators should not carry anything that would prevent them from having at least one hand on the handlebars at all times.

On Roadways

  • Scooter users must obey the same traffic laws as drivers.
  • Always yield to pedestrians.
  • Yield to vehicle traffic at crosswalks and intersections.
  • Use the right lane when in the street and NEVER ride against traffic.

Parking Scooters

  • Parked scooters should not block sidewalks, ramps, driveways, doorways, loading zones, public benches, ADA access, or transit stops.
  • Scooters must be upright when parked.
  • Scooters should not be parked in a way that could endanger pedestrians (such as parking with the platform jutting into the walkway, posing a tripping risk).
  • Scooters may not be parked within five feet of a crosswalk or curb ramp, unless given specific permission by the City.
  • On multi-use trails, scooters may park only at trailheads or at other areas designated by the City. 

Report a mis-parked Scooter or other Problem

The quickest way to report a problem is via the scooter companies' apps. The apps for SPIN and VeoRide can be downloaded onto a smartphone from the app store. Both have the ability to Report an Issue (found under "Help" in the VeoRide app). For assistance, contact customer support:

  • VeoRide: 1-855-836-2256 
  • Spin: 1-888-249-9698

Riding on the University of Arkansas Campus

Visit the University of Arkansas' Alternative Transportation page for information on e-scooter rules and regulations on the UA campus.

Slow Zones

E-Scooters are programmed with maximum speed of 15 MPH and will automatically slow to 6 MPH in designated "slow zones."