Appleby/Plainview/Rolling Hills Connection

What is this project?

This project includes an extension of Rolling Hills Drive into the Fiesta Square Shopping Center, a direct connection from Appleby Road to Rolling Hills, and an extension of Plainview Drive south into the Fiesta Square Shopping Center.  These streets will all intersect at a roundabout on the east side of the shopping center.

Why is It Important?

The 71B Corridor study identified traffic congestion between Rolling Hills and Joyce Blvd. as a major concern. This connection will provide an alternate route for traffic moving between Rolling Hills Drive and Millsap and will provide for better east-west and north/south connections in the area.

What is the Current Status?

Pending selection of an engineering consultant for design of the project.

When Will it be Completed?

Construction is currently planned to be completed in early 2022.

How is it Funded?

Funding will come from the allocation for the 71B Corridor in the 2019 Bond Program