Joyce Blvd. Safety Improvements

Map of Joyce Blvd. Safety Improvements; red line from N Vantage Dr to Old Missouri Rd

What is this project?

Safety improvements to Joyce Blvd, between Vantage Drive and Old Missouri Road. Specific improvements will be identified by a study of the corridor, to identify mechanisms and causes of crashes in the area.  A turn lane will be investigated as a solution, but other solutions will be considered in addition to or instead of turn lanes. (Ward 3)

Why is It Important?

This section of Joyce Blvd. is four lanes, and has a history of crashes due to left turns into and out of driveways because of lack of turn lanes and traffic speeds. 

What is the Current Status?

Updated 04/27/2023

Design timeline has not yet been determined.

When Will it be Completed?

Updated 04/27/2023

Construction timeline has not yet been determined.

How is it Funded?

Funding for the project will come from the 2019 Transportation Bond Program.