Futrall/Gregg & Shiloh/Gregg RR Crossings

Map of future Futrall; and Shiloh RR crossings; two red circles on Gregg Ave and Futrall crossings

What is this project?

This project will extend Futrall Drive and Shiloh Drive across the railroad tracks just west of Gregg Avenue. These crossings are on the Master Street Plan, and will be constructed as developments along Gregg Avenue occurs. (Wards 2 and 3)

Why is It Important?

These connections improve the east-west connectivity along Gregg Avenue, and provide access to properties that are otherwise cut off from Gregg Avenue. Construction of new roadway connections such as this are typically the responsibility of property owners and properties develop; however, the high cost of the railroad crossing gates and lighting system are not feasible. The City’s participation in the cost of the railroad crossings will allow the crossings to be constructed as development occurs.

What is the Current Status?

Updated 9/6/2023

Both crossing agreements has been approved by the City Council. Construction plans have been submitted to ArDOT for permitting.

When Will it be Completed?

Once the ArDOT permits have been obtained, the crossings can be installed when the street extensions by the developers of the properties begins.

How is it Funded?

Funding for the project will come from the 2019 Transportation Bond Program