Lofty Labs

Fayetteville Office of Economic Vitality Venture Spotlight:  Lofty Labs



Lofty is led by Casey Kinsey, Founder and CEO; and Ben Davis, Partner and COO. Casey studied Computer Science at the University of Arkansas and worked as a software engineer in the news/media industry before moving into software consulting to the Washington DC media industry. Ben is an alumnus of the Sam M. Walton College of Business, where he studied finance. He is the founder of the Arkansas Code Festival, and previously worked with Basecamp in Chicago, IL.


Lofty elevates business with apps and emerging technologies. They work with forward-thinking organizations and help them leverage custom-built web and mobile applications to relieve pain points, create efficiencies, and enable new business by working smarter. Lofty’s clients entrust them to affect great change in their businesses by embracing technology. Lofty delivers exceptional solutions for their clients that truly impact success while affording their team an excellent place to work. 


Casey is an Arkansas native (Hot Springs) who visited Fayetteville often to see his brother. When Casey had the opportunity to work mostly remotely for a consultancy in DC, he chose Fayetteville as a home base due to the City’s quality of life and proximity to family and friends. With the luxury of being able to work from anywhere, Lofty’s founders think Fayetteville is a tremendous place to live, and it aligns perfectly with their value of creating an exceptional place for their team members to work.

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525 S. School, Suite 225
Fayetteville AR 72701

(479) 718-6160 

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