Centennial Park at Millsap Mountain

Centennial Park construction is underway! Check out this preview video created by OZ Trails:

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Updated 1-27-2021

What is this Project?

The newly created Centennial Park at Millsap Mountain will be a cycling-activated park with state-of-the-art cyclo-cross and mountain biking facilities. Residents will be able to access trail infrastructure unlike any other in the region within an area of preserved greenspace connected to neighborhoods and Fayetteville’s existing 45 miles of shared-used paved trails and 38 miles of natural-surface trails.

Why is it important?

The epicenter of the park is being developed for activities that attract visitors to the region and create an economic impact. World-class cyclo-cross, mountain bike, and running courses will include trails with multiple surfaces and features that build users’ skills. In February, 2019, the City received notification that Fayetteville was selected to host the prestigious 2022 Cyclo-Cross World Championships. The event will bring visitors and riders from all over the world to enjoy the park and everything that Fayetteville has to offer. While courses at the park are being designed to provide unique biking experiences, training opportunities, and to host the Cyclo-Cross World Championships, the park is also being designed to provide many different activities for all residents to enjoy during non-cycling events.

How is it funded?

Funds for purchase and construction have come from the City of Fayetteville and the Walton Family Foundation. The master plan for this project was supported by a grant from the Walton Family Foundation to the NWA Trailblazers, a non-profit partner in the project. The construction of the trails is supported by the Walton Family Foundation and the basic park infrastructure and entry road is supported by the City of Fayetteville mainly through the 2019 bond funds.

What is the current status?

Construction on phase one is complete. Additionally the city has added a unique pavilion and restroom structure that celebrates the hills of Fayetteville and the spectacular views from the mountain.   Over 13 miles of trails have been completed by North West Arkansas Trailblazers along with features that support a wide range of hiking, trail running, and biking activities.

Map of construction zones and new trail now open at Centennial Park

When will it be completed?

Phase 1 will be completed in time to host the Cyclo-Cross World Championships in January of 2022. View the park’s Conceptual Master Plan presentation.

History of this Project

November 21, 2017
City makes offer to Centennial Bank to purchase Mountain Ranch at Millsap Mountain: Tracts 4, 5, 6, 7 (Subject to approval of City Council and contingent upon funding).

December 7, 2017
Counter offer accepted, contingent on City Council approval and funding with “clarification that the Naming rights of the future proposed mountain biking park is a commitment of Centennial Bike Park and will have no set time frame, and contingent upon the future construction of such a facility to be handled in the purchase agreement.”

February 20, 2018
Resolution authorizing 50/50 matching grant from Walton Family Foundation and purchase contract with Centennial Bank to acquire 228 acres of “Centennial Open Space.”

“With the grant agreement, the city will support and allow for at least 8-10 miles of natural surface trails for use by hikers, bikers, and runners to be constructed on the acquired property in the future in accordance with a WFF prepared trail master plan, submitted for review and approval under separate cover.”

April 2, 2018
The City announced acquisition of the land and naming it Centennial Park.

May 9, 2018           
Active Transportation Advisory Committee gives unanimous approval of the Trail Master Plan Update for Millsap Mountain.

June 4, 2018
Parks and Recreation Advisory Board voted 8-0 to amend the Active Transportation Plan to incorporate better trail and on-street bicycle connectivity to the recently purchased Centennial Park.

June 19, 2018
City Council approves a resolution to approve amendments to the Fayetteville Active Transportation Plan Map to improve bicycle and pedestrian connectivity near the newly acquired Centennial Park at Millsap Mountain.

July 17, 2018
City Council approves unnamed right-of-way to S. Centennial Park Lane.

February 1, 2019
UCI Announces Cyclo-Cross World Championships to be held in Fayetteville.

April 17, 2019
Public Input Session and online survey for feedback on design concepts for Centennial Park at Millsap Mountain.