Transportation Committee

City Council Transportation Committee: Shall be composed of four (4) aldermen, one (1) from each ward who shall be appointed annually by the Mayor, subject to City Council approval. The members shall elect a chair at its first annual meeting. 

Purpose, Duties and Powers: 

A.The Transportation Committee shall make recommendations to the City Council on transportation projects and issues that may arise, including, but not limited to:  

  1. Changes, additions, or deletions to the Master Street Plan.
  2. Bids, contracts, contract amendments, change orders, cost-share proposals, and other contractual items that require City Council approval.  
  3. Requests for authority to begin eminent domain actions, and offers of settlement for eminent domain cases related to transportation projects, except when timing of settlement offers are such that Transportation Committee review is not feasible. 
  4. Yearly Transportation Division paving, overlay, sidewalk, and trail/bikeway construction programs. 
  5. Funding priorities for proposed major transportation improvement projects and programs.
  6. Street and alley closures and/or right of way vacations. 
  7. Funding requests made by transit providers during the yearly budget process. 
  8. Changes, additions, or deletions to the bikeway map and trail/street intersections.

B. The Transportation Committee shall serve as an advisory board to the City  Administration,  and as a public forum for transportation projects and issues that may arise, including, but not limited to:

  1. Proposed street, sidewalk, bikeway, and transit-related improvement plans for major projects to be partially or fully funded by the city. Said review will be at the preliminary stage,  and will include typical cross-sections and preliminary horizontal and vertical alignments. Said projects will be at the discretion of the City Administration, but generally will include major widening or new location projects, or projects where major changes to existing street cross sections are planned. 
  2. Traffic Calming Policies of the city, including review of requests for traffic calming by citizens. 
  3. Any Alderman may appeal any recommendation of the Transportation Committee to the full City Council. 

C. The Transportation Committee may adopt rules to govern the conduct of its  business. Said rules shall be consistent with the provisions of the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (Ord. No. 5586, 05-21-13).

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  • Vacant, City Council  Ward 1
  • Sarah Moore, City Council Ward 2
  • Sarah Bunch, City Council Ward 3
  • Holly Hertzberg, City Council Ward 4
  • Chris Brown, Staff Contact: 575-8206
  • Terry Gulley, Staff Contact: 575-8228