2019 Sidewalks

Sidewalks are an essential part of the city’s infrastructure, providing connections for pedestrians and cyclists (non-motorized). The 2018 plan is a mix of replacement of deteriorated sidewalks, which were difficult to walk on, and new sidewalks to complete important connections.

​ ​The table below lists the current tentative 2018 sidewalk projects. For more information on a specific project, please refer to the ward page.

2019 Sidewalk Projects

Ward Street Name From Segment To Segment Status
1 Washington Ave. South St. Fourth St. Incomplete
1 McClinton St. Wood Ave. Morningside Dr. Incomplete
2 Rollston Ave. Lafayette St. Dickson St. In Progress
2 Lawson St. Garland Ave. Oakland Ave. Incomplete
2 Lawson St. Oakland Ave. Leverett Ave. Incomplete
2 Hughes St. Garland Ave. Lindell Ave. Incomplete
2 Hughes St. Storer Ave. Leverett Ave. Incomplete
2 Church Ave. Spring St. Meadow St. Incomplete
2 Church Ave. Meadow St. Center St. Incomplete
2 Church Ave. Center St. Mountain St. Incomplete
2 Mt. Comfort Rd. Addington Ave Garland Ave. Incomplete
3 Township St. Gregg Ave. Green Acres Rd. Incomplete
4 Bridgeport Dr. Mt. Comfort Rd. Freedom Pl. Incomplete
4 Double Springs Rd. Abilene Dr. Greens Chapel Rd. In Progress
4 Center St. Hartman Ave. Graham Ave. Incomplete
Ward Map