Center/Harmon Intersection

Map of Harmon Ave and Center St Concept; intersection is blue with overlay of new lane layout

What is this Project?

Intersection improvements and signalization, including pedestrian signals. 

Why is It Important?

This intersection is currently unsignalized, and traffic on Center Street is uncontrolled. There are high numbers of pedestrians crossing Center street, high numbers of left turn movements from Center Street to the Harmon Parking Garage on the University campus and numerous buses that travel through the intersection. Signalization will allow for a more orderly movement of traffic, a safer environment for pedestrians and will allow the Razorback Transit buses to navigate the intersection more easily.

What is the Current Status?

Updated 9/6/2023

Construction is nearing completion.  The paving and striping is complete.  The concrete work behind the curb will be completed once the utility poles have been removed. 

When Will it be Completed?

Updated 9/6/2023

Construction was expected to be complete by February 2023; however, the contractor experienced many utility delays. The project is expected to be completed by the end of September 2023.

How is it Funded?

Funding for the project comes from the Bond issue that voters approved in April 2019.