Additional Traffic Signal Installation

What is this Project?

An allocation of funds to install new signals at 4-5 selected intersections, to be determined.

Why is It Important?

The mobility plan identified multiple locations where signals should be considered, to manage traffic, provide better access from side streets to major corridors, and to provide additional crossing opportunities for pedestrians.

What is the Current Status?

Potential locations are currently being evaluated. Several of the identified locations are impacted by development projects and will be constructed as development occurs. Locations considered include:

  • Morningside Drive & Huntsville Ave
  • Beechwood Ave & Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
  • Wedington Drive & Porter Rd
  • Wedington Drive & Golf Club Drive
  • Spring St & College Ave
  • Government Ave & Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
  • Duncan Ave & 15th St
  • Mission Blvd & Maple St
  • Joyce Blvd & Front St
  • River Meadows Drive & Huntsville Ave
  • 51st St & Wedington Drive
  • Woodlark Ln & Mt Comfort Rd
  • Broyles Ave & Wedington Drive

When Will it be Completed?

To Be Determined.

How is it Funded?

Funding for the project comes from the Bond Issue approved by voters in April 2019; and from assessments collected from development projects.