Fayetteville Forward

The Fayetteville Forward program is an innovative, collaboration-based economic development initiative that engages the entire community in creating an action plan to build and foster economic development in the community.

Fayetteville Forward was initiated from a 4-day summit in 2009 when the Fayetteville community came together under the leadership of Mayor Lioneld Jordan and created a list of action items they felt would contribute to the economic development of Fayetteville. Of these, 18 items were determined to be City-led projects. Action Groups, made of volunteers, were formed to investigate the items and develop goals. The Fayetteville Forward Economic Accountability Council (FFEAC) was established to shepherd projects. The Fayetteville City Council set economic development as a priority for the City and FFEAC was approved and meets quarterly at City Hall. The work of the FFEAC was highlighted in a video published in 2011 about Fayetteville's economic development.

Components of Fayetteville Forward
Fayetteville Forward includes three major components. Each component has a different level of responsibility and role to play but all work collaboratively, making full use of public and private partnerships and leveraging existing resources.

Get Involved

What is your passion about your community? Fayetteville Forward Action Groups provide an opportunity for you to pursue your passion and at the same time contribute to Fayetteville’s economic vitality and quality of life. The City of Fayetteville invites you to join this active and award-winning community program. There are 11 Action Groups in Fayetteville Forward, with each having a seat on the Fayetteville Forward Economic Accountability Council (FFEAC), that Fayetteville residents are invited to participate in to work together in moving Fayetteville forward.
There is also a process for you to organize another Fayetteville Forward Action Group through the FFEAC. To find out general information about Fayetteville Forward Action Groups or organizing another Action Group, contact the Community Outreach Coordinator.