Drainage Improvement Plan

In response to the April 2017 flooding event, the City of Fayetteville developed the 2018 Drainage Improvement Plan to prioritize funding. 

The focus was to alleviate flooding within the amount of funding that was available and to begin the design process for multiple projects to be considered as additional funding becomes available. The 2019 bond issue, passed by voters in April, allocated up to $15,840,000 toward the implementation of this plan. 

View the 2018 Drainage Improvement Plan

Next Steps

The City is currently undergoing a Flood Management and Water Quality Funding study to present options for ongoing sustainable funding for stormwater management, to reduce flooding and protect water quality.

2017 Flooding Event Image Gallery

The 2017 flooding caused many streets to be impassable. 

Low elevation street blocked by orange road sign due to heavy flooding over roadway

Parking lot at College and Rebecca, 2017 flood

White sedan submerged halfway up its wheels attempting to leave a parking lot during a flood
Low stream overwhelmed with heavy flood waters forming a small waterfall

East Spyglass Hill property flooding, 2017

East Spyglass Hill property flooding, 2017