Washington-Willow Historic District Design Standards 

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Project Summary

The Washington-Willow neighborhood was designated as a National Register District in 1980. Due to recent development pressure in the area, residents and property owners contacted the city to preserve the historic character of the neighborhood. In April 2018, the city conducted a survey of neighborhood property owners and received an overall positive response to creating design standards for the neighborhood. In August 2018, the City Council approved budget to hire a consultant to prepare design standards.

The design standards are voluntary and serve as best practices for historic structures and properties. They are designed to be a helpful guide for changes to properties in the Washington-Willow National Register Historic District so that the district can maintain its historic character and so that historic materials and features can be respected. The following principles guided the development of the standards:

  • District-Specific Approach: The design guidelines were prepared with photographs of existing character within the community and the specific historic district.
  • Sustainability: Throughout the country historic preservation is increasingly intertwined with a community’s overall approach to “Green” and sustainability practices. Those working in rehabilitation have always been aware of the inherent energy and materials conservation that historic preservation provides. The design guidelines place an emphasis on the connection between historic building rehabilitation and sustainability promote the inclusion of “green” building materials that meet historic preservation guidelines and best practices.
  • Innovation: The guidelines examine the potential for innovative designs within the historic district.
  • Education: The guidelines are formatted to provide information on how historic preservation is of benefit to the property owner.
  • User-Friendly Format: The design guidelines are intended to assist property owners with user-friendly guidelines, incorporating of photographs and drawings specific to the neighborhood. 
A map showing the boundaries of the Washington Willow neighborhood

Project Archives

January 24, 2019

Project Kick-Off meetings in Room 326 of City Hall

April 11, 2019

August 8, 2019

The Historic District Commission approved the final design guidelines.