Mount Sequoyah Woods

Mount Sequoyah Woods Pavilion in the winter

This 97-acre wooded park is accessible from the intersection of Happy Hollow Road and Paddock Road, as well as from the intersection of Williams Drive and Skyline Drive. The park features approximately 4.5 miles of multi-purpose, natural-surface trail that meanders through occasionally rugged, undisturbed forest on the east side of Mt. Sequoyah. Trailheads are accessible from Williams Drive at the northwest corner of the property and from Paddock Road and Happy Hollow Road at the southeast corner of the property.

Parking is available along Paddock Road.

A paved trail leads from the trailhead on East Paddock Road to a picnic area and pavilion.


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Sequoia Woods

Mt. Sequoyah Woods was acquired through a joint effort between the City of Fayetteville and the Fayetteville Natural Heritage Association. Approximately 67 acres of beautiful wooded land were purchased from the Western Methodist Assembly. An additional 30 acres was later donated by the DePalma family, resulting in a total of approximately 97 acres which will be preserved and open to the public forever.

Park Amenities

  • Natural-Surface, Shared-Use Trails
  • Nature Area
  • Pavilion
  • Picnic Area