Online Customer Service Request

Begin your service request by by accessing the online customer service request form. The types of services you may request include the following:
  • Barking dogs complaint
  • Building activity without permit
  • Curb and gutter repair needed
  • Ditch, drainage, storm sewer cleaning
  • Dumping illegally
  • Fire hydrant hidden by grass or weeds
  • Playground equipment concern
  • Sight distance problem due to tree limbs
  • Smoke detector request
  • Street light out
  • Trash, junk, litter violations
  • Vehicle abandoned or unlicensed

Required Information

You will need the following information to enter your Service Request:

Request Information

Enter problem or request type, description of problem, and address or location where service is being requested. You must enter enough information to allow us to locate and follow up on your reported problem.

Requestor Information

Your name is required and a way to contact you is required. Contact information can be your mailing address, your telephone number or your email address. If you desire to be notified by email, then your email address is always required.