2019 Fayetteville Bond Information

Growing Fayetteville

On April 9, 2019, the Citizens voted to authorize Sales Tax Bonds of up to $226,065,000 for various purposes as specified in Ordinance 6126 approved by the City Council.

The 2019 bond package, approved by a vote of the people of Fayetteville in April, 2019, includes investments in every major infrastructure area our city needs. It is a result of years of master planning with a keen eye to future economic vitality interests. By preserving a one penny sales tax, we are able to invest up to $226 million in our community. Without raising taxes, the 2019 bond provides crucial funding for improvements to roads, trails, parks, public safety, job creation and construction of the new Cultural Arts Corridor.

We are grateful to the residents of Fayetteville by making these projects possible.


The Bond improvements will be implemented in three phases. Phase One, approved at the June 4, 2019, City Council meeting, authorized issuance of up to $142,670,000 par value worth of bonds. The final par value of the bonds issued was $127,595,000 leaving $89,630,000 to be issued in phases two and three. The majority of the work from each bond issuance must be completed within three years.

A portion of the issued amount was to refund the previous outstanding sales tax bond. The amount generated for actual infrastructure projects was $213,865,000

Details of each of the Phase One projects are detailed in the pages linked to each of the bond categories.

Overview of Bond Projects and Funding

The City Council will have to approve the issuing of the bond for each project that the voters approved. Note: The figures for each project below are stated as maximums. Actual amounts may be lower, depending on financing and interest rates available at the time the bonds are issued.

Street Improvements

Road Construction and Improvements: $73.9 million 

Completion of Road Improvement Projects, prioritized by the public as part of the Fayetteville Mobility Plan, will result in new roads, pavement repairs, improved intersections and increased traffic capacity, as well as sidewalk, transit and bicycle facility enhancements.


Trail Improvement Projects: $6.8 million

Trail projects, such as extending existing trails and trail connections, will improve our city’s pedestrian and cycling trail network, providing alternative transportation, wellness and recreation benefits.


Drainage Improvement Projects: $15.8 million

After the major flooding event in April of 2017, more than 100 needed drainage projects were identified throughout Fayetteville. These include upgrades to existing drainage, stream restoration and construction of new drainage systems in crucial areas.


Park Improvement Projects: $26.4 million

This investment will provide improved neighborhood parks, expansion of baseball and soccer fields, new camping, canoeing, kayaking and mountain biking facilities, and the purchase of lands for parks.

City Facilities

City Facilities Improvements: $3.1 million 

This series of improvements will create more efficient working spaces and energy use, continuing the internal implementation of our City’s Energy Action Plan as a role model for other cities to follow.

Economic Development

Economic Development Projects: $3.1 million 

This Economic Development fund is for land acquisition, site development and infrastructure improvements to foster public/private partnerships to provide flexibility for recruiting businesses and to enhance Fayetteville’s workforce development and job growth.

Police Headquarters

Police Headquarters: $36.9 million

A new headquarters building for the Fayetteville Police, to provide the capacity for public safety to keep up with our growing city. The new headquarters will include training facilities, vehicle and evidence storage and an indoor pistol- and rifle-firing range.

Firefighting Facilities

Firefighting Facilities Improvements: $15.8 million

This will provide for three additional fire stations and apparatus to support our city’s growth and keep fire and emergency response times low. In addition, the Fire Department will replace two fire engines and a ladder truck.

Cultural Arts Corridor

Construction of the Cultural Arts Corridor: $31.6 million

The construction of a Cultural Arts Corridor is also a considerable investment in our City’s economic development, including potential for new parking facilities. This project will transform the downtown area into a destination experience for residents and tourists. Additional tax revenue from existing and new businesses will ensure the ongoing economic vitality of our downtown and entertainment districts.