Driver's License

All drivers must have a valid unexpired license from one of the United States or a valid, unexpired International license. You may drive legally with a license from your home country if you also have an international license (both are required)

The State of Arkansas requires that you obtain an Arkansas driver’s license if you will be in the state for more than 6 months. 

The University of Arkansas offers a guide to obtaining an Arkansas driver’s license here.  It is geared for UA students, but has helpful information for anyone. 

To get an Arkansas driver’s license you must pass both a written test (taken on a computer), and an actual driving test.  

Where to go to take your driver’s license written and driving tests

Arkansas State Police Driver Testing Services
1120 W Monroe Ave.
Lowell, AR 72745
Phone: 751-3619
Hours: 8:00-11:00 and 1:00-4:00 

No driving tests will be issued if it is raining or the roads are wet.

Where to go to get your license after you have passed your tests

Arkansas Revenue Office
3086 M.L.K. Jr Blvd
Fayetteville, AR 72704
Phone: 442-7691
Hours: Monday through Friday 7:30-5:30

Language Help 

The written part of the Arkansas driver’s license test is available in English and Spanish.  Other English language learners may bring a dictionary of English to your native language to the test, but you may not have an interpreter with you. 

For the driving part of the test, an interpreter may ride along in the back seat while you drive.