Getting Help from the City: Community Development 

A pair of gloved hands drives a screw into a board with a powerdrill

Community Development is a division of the City of Fayetteville's City government, under the Community Resources Department. Community Development activities and programs are designed to strengthen the physical, social, and economic conditions of the City with a view toward making it a more healthful, prosperous and gratifying place to live. 

Community Development offers a number of services for Fayetteville families and individuals who qualify as low- to moderate-income residents. Explore each of the services below for more information and qualification requirements. 

Services Provided

Housing Rehabilitation Program: Provides repairs and services to rehabilitate homes that are below current plumbing, electrical, heating and energy efficiency standards. improvements may include electrical, flooring, roof and gutters, windows, plumbing, lead paint abatement and more. 

Redevelopment Program: Through this program, low- to moderate- income households of Fayetteville may qualify to receive assistance to correct various city code violation(s) on their property, such as overgrown grass or weed, trash or junk on the property, stagnant pools of water, parking or storage of inoperable vehicles or unsafe, unoccupied structures on the lot. 

Hearth Program: The Hearth Program is designed to aid those experiencing homelessness by providing either Transitional or Permanent Supportive Housing to qualified applicants. 

Taxi and Transit Passes: The Transportation Program is designed to provide elderly, disabled and low-to-moderate income residents of Fayetteville with supplemental transportation assistance. 

Ranger's Pantry Pet Food Bank: This program is designed to keep struggling families and their pets together by providing pet food to qualifying applicants living in the City of Fayetteville. Donations are accepted. If you would like to donate to Ranger's Pantry, individuals may drop off dog or cat food donations to the Community Resources Division office located at 125 W. Mountain St, or at any one of the City of Fayetteville Fire Stations. Monetary donations are also accepted, and 100% of proceeds are used in the purchase of food. 

Energy and Weatherization Kits: free Energy Efficiency and Weatherization Kits for qualifying low-to-moderate income residents of Fayetteville. The kits are intended to help reduce energy usage and related costs by providing minor upgrades to existing dwellings.