Getting Around the City

Two pedestrians and one cyclist on the Razorback Greenway's Oak Ridge Trail

Walking and Biking 

Fayetteville is committed to being a "walkable" and "bike-able" city. The City has more than 45 miles of biking and walking trails, and has set a goal of having trail access within 1/2 mile of every resident. New trails and connections are being built every year. 

Learn more about the City's walking and biking Trails.

Razorback Transit bus driving down Dickson Street

Bus Service

Fayetteville is served by two bus systems: Ozark Regional Transit and Razorback Transit, which serves the University of Arkansas. 

Learn more about bus service in Fayetteville.

Taxis / Car Share Services

There are several Taxi companies operating in Fayetteville. Taxis are not usually available to hail from the street, but you may call a taxi service to pick you up. Uber and Lyft are car share services in which residents use their own cars to provide rides via a website or app: