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About Fayetteville's City Government

Fayetteville, Arkansas, is the second largest city in the State of Arkansas and is the largest city in Arkansas with a Mayor / Council form of government. In this system, the City Council sets city policy by passing ordinances and resolutions. The Council also determines the city budget and appoints and removes certain board and commission members.

Elected Officials

Elected officials for the City of Fayetteville are: 

City Hall

Fayetteville's City Hall is located at 113 W. Mountain Street in downtown Fayetteville. The City Hall building houses the Mayor's office, City Council Chambers, the City Clerk's office, Human Resources, and Utility Billing Department, and other offices. 

Other City Departments

For a full listing of City of Fayetteville Departments with links to additional information, view the City Departments page.