Ash Street to Gulley Park + Cycle Track

Old Wire Road - Ash to Gulley Park

What is this project?

This construction continues a multi-phase improvement project along Old Wire Road. The Ash Street to Gulley Park improvements include:

  • 9.5-foot-wide, two-way protected bike lane, approximately .88 miles in length (east side of roadway, separated by a 4-foot-wide stamped concrete median)
  • 5-foot-wide sidewalk (east of bike lane, adjacent to residences)
  • Street and sidewalk lighting (east side)
  • New traffic light signals, including a dedicated bicycle lane signal, at intersection of Old Wire Road and Township Street
  • Installation of a signalized pedestrian crossing at Stanton Avenue (High intensity Activated crosswalk (HAWK) or Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon)
  • Asphalt overlay of the northbound lane from Ash Street to Gulley Park parking lot
  • Stormwater improvements, including a new pre-cast box culvert and additional drainage improvements along Old Wire Road, Overcrest Street and Niokaska Creek.

Why is it important?

The protected bike lane design is a prototype model, the first in Fayetteville, and may be used across Northwest Arkansas in the future. The improvements to this collector street will provide safer pedestrian and bicycle travel along this roadway. Installation of storm sewer will address numerous drainage issues along this stretch of roadway.

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What is the current status?

Construction is COMPLETE. Sweetser Construction was the lowest bidder at $3,891,372.55

When is completion expected?

This project will continue to the next phase, the Old Wire Road Cycle Track, running adjacent to Gulley Park, along Old Wire Road to Old Missouri Road. View project information.

How was this project funded?

This project is funded by the Transportation Bond Program, the Water and Sewer Fund and a grant from the Walton Family Foundation.

Additional details

Section View: Old Wire Road - Ash to Gulley Park (PDF)

Construction Plans: Old Wire Road - Ash Steet to Gulley Park (PDF)