Filming in Fayetteville

Clapperboard reading Production: Roadside; Director: Jakob and Ryan; Camera: Thomas Taugher

HBO's True Detective Season Three: Incentive Remittance 

In October of 2017, the City Council passed resolution 211-17, expressing it's intent to participate in funding in the amount of $500,000, as part of an incentive package to recruit the largest motion film production in Arkansas history. At the December 15, 2020 City Council meeting, City Council will consider remittance of the funds following the Department of Economic Vitalities review of the production expenditure schedules and State performance reports. 

Filming in Fayetteville

The City of Fayetteville recognizes the importance of the creative economy, which includes motion picture production. Production management at the local level is coordinated through the Parking Management Division. 

Motion Picture Permit 

Professional filming in Fayetteville requires a completed motion picture permit to be submitted via email to Please provide an overhead of the film location which includes logistics, road closure request and other pertinent information. If you are not requesting to close a road or conduct intermittent traffic control (ITC), you do not need to complete a special event permit as well. 

Special Event Permit

All road closures or public parking lot rentals require a special event permit. For more information on the special event permit process, please visit the Parking Management website. If you are requesting a road closure for your production, please submit both permits.

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