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The City of Fayetteville is working to improve the economic health of its residents and employers. During 2018 and 2019, the City will work with stakeholders and the general public to identify strategies, goals, and recommendations for the improvement of Fayetteville's workforce.


During Mayor Lioneld Jordan's 2018 State of the City Address, he announced the City of Fayetteville would begin the creation of its first Workforce Development Plan. This decision is an extension and implementation of the Fayetteville First Economic Development Plan, which was formally adopted by the Fayetteville City Council in 2016. The Fayetteville First Plan outlined seven strategic focuses, these focuses provided Fayetteville with an actionable guide to strengthen the City's impact on the Northwest Arkansas economy, and foster economic vitality across the entire City. Attracting, developing, and retaining a talented, qualified workforce is the third strategic focus, and the development of the Fayetteville Workforce Development Plan aims to fully realize this goal. 

What is Workforce Development?

Workforce development is an interconnected set of solutions to meet employment needs: it prepares individuals with needed skills, emphasizes the value of workplace learning, and addresses the hiring demands of employers from the outset. It serves two functions: enables individuals to acquire knowledge, hard skills, and soft skills for gainful employment; and provides employers with an effective means to communicate and meet their skill requirements, according to USAID.

Workforce development is a complex issue. Educational Institutions and social service providers approach workforce development from the perspective of sustainable economic security of the individual. Economic Developers approach workforce development from the lens of economic health and growth of the community. Lastly, employers approach workforce development from an operational perspective, focusing on the skills their businesses needs to remain competitive. The City of Fayetteville's Workforce Development Plan aims for a comprehensive approach to the issue, and will work to remove silos and create synergistic initiatives that serve the needs of the individual, community, and employer.

We Want to Hear from You

The Mayor is asking residents and employees in Fayetteville to participate in the development of a Fayetteville Workforce Development Plan. Your input is vital to the success of this initiative. Please click the "Speak Up Fayetteville" link below to participate in the workforce development plan surveys.

Speak Up Logo Opens in new windowIf you live, work, or operate a business in Fayetteville, please visit Speak Up Fayetteville, the City's public engagement portal, and fill out a 5-7 minute survey. Your input will help us identify specific measures to enhance employment and educational opportunities for all residents. 

Workforce Development Resources

The City of Fayetteville is committed to ensuring the citizens of Fayetteville have access to the information they need to equip themselves with the skills and education needed to achieve employment at a sustainable living wage. A broad range of resources can be found right in our own back yard; from numerous apprenticeship programs, the Fayetteville Workforce Center, and Adult Education Centers. Follow this link to view a list of current resources.

Workforce development timeline: to present to City Council in June, 2019

Workforce Development Project Timeline

March 2018:  Identify Stakeholders

May - July 2018:  Research and Analysis

July - October 2018: Stakeholder Interviews and input

July - November 2018: Public Outreach

August - November 2018:  Industry Sector Round Tables

January - March 2019: Prepare Plan Draft

April - May 2019: Plan Review with Stakeholders

June 2019: Plan Published and Presented to City Council  

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