Job 040720 - Hwy 112 / Garland Ave: Poplar St to Drake St

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Concept Plat for Hwy 112/Garland Ave improvements from Melmar Dr to Drake St

What is this project? 

This one-mile section of Garland Ave (Hwy 112) will complete the widening of this roadway from the University north to I-49 tying into the new interchange improvements.

 The project will include:

  • Widening the existing 2-lane roadway to a four-lanes divided roadway with a 9-foot center median and turn lanes at side streets.
  • A 6-foot-wide sidewalk will be constructed along the west side of the roadway.
  • A 12-foot-wide Multi-use trail will be constructed along the east side of the roadway.
  • Creation of a two-lane roundabout at the intersection of W. Altheimer Drive & Cassatt Street.
  • Upgrades traffic signals at the intersection of Drake Street and Garland Avenue.

Why is it important? 

This arterial will provide another major access to the University and athletic events from the newly constructed I-49 interchange on the north.  It  will provide additional capacity and safety for the growing campus of the U of A.

What is the current status? 

The City has hired Burns and McDonnell Engineering Company as the design consultant.  The City received review comments on the 90% plans from Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) in November 2021.

When is completion expected? 

Construction should take approximately 18 months to complete. Construction is anticipated to begin late 2022 or early 2023.

How was this project funded? 

This project is funded by the State via a partnering agreement with ARDOT which was approved by City Council in January, 2017.

Additional Details: 

Roadway Roll Plot

Construction Plan Sheets

Environmental Summary