Parksdale and Center Addition Subdivisions


The Parksdale Neighborhood is located on the south side of 15th Street, southeast of Pinnacle Foods. The dwellings in this neighborhood were developed between the 1920s-1960s and are primarily small, one-story residences (see neighborhood photos). Greathouse Springs Park and the Town Branch Trail provide direct linkages into the southern portion of this neighborhood. This neighborhood is in the northeastern portion of the greater Fayette Junction Neighborhood Plan Area that was adopted by City Council in 2009.

Over the past year staff has had numerous meetings with property owners who are concerned with development pressure in the neighborhood. During these meetings, the property owners became aware that the neighborhood is zoned RMF-24, Residential Multi-family 24 units per acre. This zoning allows development of large duplexes and multi-family buildings that are out of scale with the small, one-story residences. Residents are concerned that the existing zoning allows significant change to the historic character and affordable nature of the neighborhood.

Current Rezoning Application

Approximately 34 property owners have submitted applications to downzone their property from RMF-24 to NC, Neighborhood Conservation. The purpose of the downzone is to prevent further development of out-of-scale duplex and attached multi-family housing that could negatively affect the affordability and character of the neighborhood.

RMF-24 Purpose

The RMF-24 Multi-family Residential District is designed to permit and encourage the developing of a variety of dwelling types in suitable environments in a variety of densities. (Density: 24 units or less per acre)

NC Purpose

The Neighborhood Conservation zone has the least activity and a lower density than the other zones. Although Neighborhood Conservation is the most purely residential zone, it can have some mix of uses, such as civic buildings. Neighborhood Conservation serves to promote and protect neighborhood character. (Density: 10 units or less per acre)

Neighborhood Meetings

After submission of the rezoning application, staff requested and the applicants agreed to delay their public hearing so staff could conduct full neighborhood meetings. On March 20, 2018 and April 2, 2018, staff conducted neighborhood meetings at Christ’s Church on 15th Street. Both meetings were very well attended with dozens of property owners and residents. Staff primarily heard from the residents and presented alternatives for consideration. The property owners' rezoning application was heard at the May 29, 2018 Planning Commission meeting where it was forwarded to the City Council with a recommendation for approval. This request will not be discussed at the City Council until a neighborhood-wide rezoning is forwarded from the Planning Commission.

Mayor Lioneld Jordan speaking to four people at a table in a busy meeting room
Nine seated people reviewing proposed City infrastructure plans while creating a SWOT analysis

Current Recommendation

Staff incorporated feedback from neighborhood residents and property owners to prepare conceptual elements for a mini-neighborhood plan. The plan contains:

A) Recommendations for Public Infrastructure Improvements 

View the images on this page or download a five-page PDF: Conceptual sketches of Brooks/Garland Avenue Street Infrastructure Improvements

Brooks Ave Birds Eye View 1

B) Proposed Rezoning and Design Overlay District

  • Central area: Rezone the central portion of the neighborhood to NC, Neighborhood Conservation, as proposed by the property owners;
  • East, west and north boundary transition: Rezone the east and west outside single tier of lots and the northern tier of lots south of 15th Street to RI-12, Residential Intermediate, Twelve Units Per Acre, allowing modest infill and redevelopment transitioning to the adjacent RV park, undeveloped multi-family zoning, and the 15th Street corridor;
  • North 15th St. Corridor: Rezone the 15th Street corridor to NS-G, Neighborhood Services General to allow potential for neighborhood commercial services and small attached housing; and
  • Maximum 2-story height: Design overlay district for a maximum height of 2 stories in the NC and RI-12 portions of the neighborhood.

There are two rezoning recommendations:

RZN18-6254 Proposed Alternative1 (Neighborhood and Staff Rec)RZN18-6254 Proposed Alternative 2 (Planning Commission Rec)

Action Step

At the request of property owners in the neighborhood, the Planning Commission has initiated a neighborhood-wide rezoning and design overlay district, consistent with the Fayette Junction Neighborhood Plan. This request was heard at the June 25, 2018 Planning Commission meeting where it was tabled. The Planning Commission proposed an alternative zoning map to the current staff and neighborhood recommendation. The neighborhood-wide rezoning and design overlay district alternatives will be discussed at the July 9, 2018 Planning Commission meeting.