Testing Preparation

The Fayetteville Police Department has provided several links and helpful tips to assist in your test preparations. These are all optional, and applicants are not required to complete or utilize these tools. 

Written Test

The written test is compiled of reading comprehension, report writing, and observation skills. A study guide for this test can be purchased at Stanard and Associates, Inc..  Although you don’t have to have this study guide to pass the test, it is a great tool to help you prepare. 

Interviews (Police Board and Civil Service)

Two interviews will be conducted back to back. The first interview is with the Fayetteville Police Interview Board. The second interview is with the Civil Service Commission. Both of these are structured interviews. Business attire is required.

Helpful resource: Police Applicant Interview Tips

Physical Fitness Test 

Below are two workouts that can jump start your physical readiness regimen for the PT portion of the police officer testing. 

Physical Fitness Program Week 1

Physical Fitness Program Week 2