Recycling Awards and Honors

Outstanding Community / Government Program - 2020

Awarded by the National Recycling Coalition

The NRC awards are designed to recognize outstanding individuals, programs, and organizations around the country, both for their achievements, and as models for other communities large and small. In recognizing Fayetteville, the organization honored the City’s recycling program and celebrated the 2020 city-wide ban on expanded-polystyrene foam.  In a press release announcing award recipients, NRC stated “[The City of Fayetteville is] reducing GHG emissions, saving the City tipping fees, reducing litter, and helping Fayetteville get many steps closer to its 40% waste diversion goal.”  The City’s food-waste collection program, initiated in 2019, has already diverted 457 tons of food waste away from the landfill in 2020 alone.

Government Recycling Education Program of the Year - 2017

Awarded by Arkansas Recycling Coalition

The Recycling Education Program of the Year Award is presented to the organization, school or individual that has established a proven Recycling Education Program, which offers an integrated approach targeting all age groups (including weekend or nontraditional work hours) and incorporating source reduction, beneficial reuse, recycling, and sustainable materials management into a comprehensive educational program within a community or region that also demonstrates positive long-term behavioral changes.

Glass Recycling Program of the Year - 2017

Awarded by Ripple Glass

Ripple Glass picks up approximately 20 to 22 tons of glass each week from the City’s recycling facility and transports it to Kansas City. The glass is then used to make bottles or insulation. The award included a donation from Owen’s Corning of a semi-truck load ($10,000 retail value) of fiberglass insulation to Habitat for Humanity for use in energy conservation projects in Fayetteville. Fayetteville scored highly for its commitment to expanding commercial glass recycling and excellent education efforts.

Environmental Stewardship Award - 2015

Awarded by Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality

Commonly called the “ENVY Award,” the honor was established in 2005 by ADEQ to recognize a major contribution by an individual or organization for efforts to enhance and protect Arkansas’ natural resources. Fayetteville won the award for its “Recycle Something” educational and marketing program designed to increase recycling by city residents and commercial interests.

Emmy for Best Public Service Announcement - 2014

Awarded by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Mid-America Chapter

Fritz Gisler, the city’s former director of media services, and Douglas Bankston won a regional Emmy for best PSA at the 38th edition of the annual awards ceremony in 2014. The video, called “Recycle Something ‘Playground,'” shows how recycled packaging can be used to make other products. The 30-second spot uses child actors shown sorting and hauling plastic bottles at a recycling facility before transitioning to a scene showing kids having fun at a playground constructed using recycled materials. The video was made as a part of the Recycle Something campaign.

Government Recycler of the Year - 2013

Awarded by the Arkansas Recycling Coalition

The Government Recycler of the Year Award recognizes a public employee, public agency, public institution or nonprofit organization that has taken a leadership role in the development and promotion of recycling as a viable waste management tool. The candidate has implemented a successful Integrated Waste Reduction Program incorporating source reduction, beneficial reuse, recycling and sustainable materials management; utilizes a publicity/education program targeting residential and/or commercial sources within that community; has developed/implemented waste conscious procurement policies; purchase recycled/recyclable products for use in their administrative offices and/or operations; pursues an ongoing marketing plan which continually considers the highest/best use for each waste stream; and a program that continually seeks innovative approaches to further expand waste reduction programs within the community.