Recycling and Waste Reduction Education

Presentations and Lessons

Learning about the City's recycling program is interesting for any age group! We are happy to present in your classroom, at your child's club gathering, or to your own professional or civic group meeting about the City's goals for waste diversion and how you can reduce your waste and recycle more.

Waste Tours

We offer tours of the City's Transfer Station and Recycling Center, as well as the Eco-Vista Landfill in Tontitown. Contact our Waste Reduction Coordinator for more information and to schedule a tour.

Volunteer Opportunities

Clean up our city’s creeks and streams with Fayetteville Parks, Natural Resources and Cultural Affairs, or organize your own event to pick up litter in your neighborhood or park. We can provide you with everything you need! Contact our Waste Reduction Coordinator for more information about borrowing supplies.

Waste Not. Use Less.

Great job recycling! But what if you needed to do it less? What if you could use LESS altogether?


  • Choose reusable items over disposable. Avoid plastic cutlery, straws, and paper/styrofoam cups and plates.
  • Look for products that use less packaging.
  • Borrow, rent, or share items that are used infrequently like party decorations or tools.


  • Reuse what you can’t avoid. For example, reuse a yogurt container for food storage.
  • Buy used. Things like clothes, kitchen items, and furniture are often less expensive. 
  • Maintain and repair products like clothing and appliances so they won’t have to be tossed and replaced as frequently.


Campaigns and Resources

  • Plastic Bag Campaign - The City worked with a group of students at Fayetteville High School and a few grocery stores around town to encourage people to bring their own bags when they go grocery shopping. You may have seen our signs at local Harps stores or CV’s and perhaps you were able to pick-up a free reusable bag! If you missed this opportunity, contact us if you'd like to come pick up a custom City of Fayetteville reusable bag made from plastic bottles!
  • Mailout - Did you get your new magnet? Give us a call if you did not receive yours and we will get one to you!
  • Organics Composting – The City is collecting food waste for composting from the University of Arkansas and three schools in Fayetteville (Holt Middle School, Happy Hollow Elementary, Holcomb Elementary). We hope to expand our organics collection program soon! Read more about purchasing finished compost.