Commercial Tree Service Certification

City Code

Under the City’s Unified Development Code Chapter 167, Tree Preservation and Protection, Section 07, Commercial Tree Pruner / Service; Certificate And Insurance Required. Commercial tree pruners and / or Tree Services providing work for hire within the city limits of Fayetteville states that the owner and each supervisor in the business shall obtain a City issued commercial tree pruner / service certification.


This certification is issued after an individual tree pruner or company owner / supervisors either:


Additionally the tree pruner / service must provide proof of insurance in the name of the company or individual testing for the certification that shall carry the following minimum liability coverage:
  • General Aggregate: $100,000
  • Personal and Advertising: $100,000
  • Each Occurrence: $100,000

Additional Information

Any resident or business employing the services of a tree pruner / service is highly encouraged to check current credentials as the City only asks for proof of insurance at the beginning of the certification process and does not verify that the policy is still in effect.

To pass the test a score of 75% or higher must be achieved. A copy of the certification shall be maintained at all job sites and be visible or available for view to the general public, code compliance officers, law enforcement officers, the City Urban Forester and / or his designate.