Health and Safety

Developing a healthy, safe and resilient community requires proactive efforts and ongoing, dedicated resources from the City and the community. Fayetteville strives to encourage active living, community wellness, access to healthful food and increasingly safe neighborhoods through a variety of programs and services. We believe that smart community design and educated, engaged citizens have the ability to promote public safety, reduce health and safety risk factors and improve the overall health of Fayetteville.

Health and Safety 2019 Report Card

Health and Safety Report Card 2019

Current Projects and Programs

Active Transportation

The City of Fayetteville and many other community advocates are dedicated to building a robust Active Transportation Network. Active Transportation is any form of human powered movement (cycling, walking, using a wheel-chair, etc.) that gets individuals or groups from place to place. Active Transportation can improve an individual's physical, mental and emotional well-being. Fayetteville's active transportation network promotes accessible, efficient, multi-modal transit in order to create a livable transportation network for everyone. To learn more, access the recently adopted Active Transportation Plan or get moving by using our handy Active Transportation Brochure.

Urban Agriculture Ordinance

A new Urban Agriculture Ordinance was adopted by City Council in 2014. This ordinance is an update and replacement of the previous "Animals and Fowl" ordinance and includes provisions for the keeping of fowl, bees and goats and allows for limited sales of home produced products in residential areas. By enabling citizens to produce their own foods at home, this ordinance aims to increase food security and healthy food availability across the city. 

Community Policing Division

The Community Policing Division goals are to reduce crime and public nuisances by carefully examining the problems in neighborhoods and working with citizens to apply appropriate problem-solving strategies. These characteristics are developed through personal contacts, complaints and crime analysis. These crime-solving strategies range from neighborhood watch programs to crime prevention lectures and presentations, to law enforcement intervention and nuisance abatement. 

Community Resources Division

The City of Fayetteville's Community Resources Division works everyday to build a healthier, safer, happier community. Code Compliance is committed to preserving and protecting the safety and welfare of our citizens. Community Development works to strengthen the physical, social and economic conditions of our neighborhoods. If you need an energy weatherization kit for your home, free pet food from the Ranger Pantry or just want to learn more about how to help out your neighbors, contact Community Resources

Community Survey

In 2016, the City conducted a Community Survey to gather resident perceptions on a number of topics including public parkland, public safety, neighborhood cohesion, civic engagement and arts and culture opportunities. The survey provided every citizen with an opportunity to offer their concerns and ideas to the City. See design, methodology and results here.

Community Resources

Startup Junkie Artisan Food and Craft Beverage Council 

Startup Junkie, the Fayetteville based business and entrepreneurship consulting firm, is currently contracted to provide economic development services to the City of Fayetteville. This contract includes support for the growing local artisan food and craft beverage industry. By supporting innovators in the food and beverage sectors, Startup Junkie and the City look to increase the resilience of Fayetteville's economy while bringing attention to the importance of our local food movement. Learn more about how economic vitality can compound our social and environmental initiatives.