Education, Arts and Community

Fayetteville strives to be an educated, cohesive, and socially connected community. We work across many sectors to promote equitable access to quality education and arts and culture opportunities. We strive to respect and expand social and cultural diversity across our city, celebrating and supporting our citizens of different ages, races, religions, and backgrounds. 

Education, Arts and Community 2019 Report Card

Arts Report Card 2019

Current Projects

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Fayetteville Public Library 

The Fayetteville Public library is a hub of education, creativity, and community life. Awarded Best Public Library in NWA, the Library is a beloved institution in Fayetteville and a Silver LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) facility. 
Historic district

Neighborhood Resources

The City of Fayetteville welcomes collaboration with home owners, renters, property owners, and businesses to create successful and vibrant neighborhoods. The City offers a neighborhood registry, coordination for neighborhood associations, and valuable information for any resident who wants to create a more cohesive, connected community. 
green yo life

Green Your Life

City staff from the Sustainability Department and the Media Services Division have created a number of Green Your Life videos to help you craft a more sustainable life. 
If you're interested in making your own creative films, explore the amazing and free resources available from Media Services. You can learn video editing, borrow high quality equipment, and create visual content in an innovative audio-visual studio. 

Public Art

The City of Fayetteville is committed to making our city the most beautiful place it can be. To this end, we promote aesthetically pleasing infrastructure, naturalistic landscaping and gardens, and many forms of public art. 

Community Resources

storm drain

Upstream Art Program

The purpose of UpStream Art is to draw attention to the usually discreet concrete and iron infrastructure with the hope that observers stop and think about where the water flows after it enters a storm drain. If residents understand that stormwater flows untreated to creeks, streams, rivers and lakes, then they will be more conscious of potential pollutants that can enter those waterways. This project, along with the involvement of our vibrant art community, is unique and has a positive impact on water quality protection.

The Sustainability Consortium 

The Sustainability Consortium® (TSC®) is an organization of diverse global participants that work collaboratively to build a scientific foundation that drives innovation to improve consumer product sustainability. TSC develops methodologies, tools, and strategies to drive a new generation of products and supply networks that address environmental, social, and economic imperatives. TSC provides ongoing education and an outlet for creative innovators across the globe. 
Community Design Center
The mission of the University of Arkansas Community Design Center is to advance creative development in Arkansas through education, research and design solutions that enhance the physical environment. As an outreach center of the School of Architecture, UACDC is developing a repertoire of new design methodologies applicable to community development issues in Arkansas with currency at the national level.