2017 Sidewalks

Sidewalks are an essential part of the city’s infrastructure, providing connections for pedestrians and cyclists (non-motorized). The 2017 plan includes the replacement of deteriorated sidewalks, including a major sidewalk enhancement project on College Avenue, and the construction of new sidewalks to complete important connections.

The table below lists the projects for 2017. The city is divided into four wards, and each ward has at least one major project for the year. For more information on a specific project, please refer to the ward page.

2017 Sidewalk Projects

Ward Street Name From Segment To Segment Status
1 S. School Ave. Shopping Center 19th St. Complete
2 Deane St. Porter Rd. Sang Ave. Complete
2 Gregg Ave. Existing Sidewalk Elm St. Complete
2 Gregg Ave. Lafayette St. Dickson St. Complete
2 Green Acres Rd. Elm St. Poplar St. Complete
2 Porter Rd. Sycamore St. Houston St. Complete
3 Old Missouri Rd. Cinnamon Way Honeysuckle Ln. Upcoming
4 Clearwood Dr. Existing Sidewalk Salem Rd. Complete
4 Mt. Comfort Rd. City Limits Hidden Creek Dr. Complete
4 Salem Rd. Existing Sidewalk Clearwood Dr. Complete