Copper Creek Drive

What is this project?

The crew will construct 1,135 feet of new concrete sidewalk on the east side of Copper Creek Drive. The new sidewalk will begin at the existing sidewalk on Copper Creek Drive and will loop around to the existing sidewalk on Zion Road.

Why is it important?

This new sidewalk will complete a pedestrian circuit around the neighborhood and will provide a safe walkway to the David Lashley Park on Copper Creek Drive.

What is the current status?

This project is complete.

How is this project being funded?

Funding for this project comes from the Street Fund. The Street Fund is financed through two sources:
1) Turn-back revenues from the State of Arkansas. The State collects motor fuel taxes, which are returned to the City on a per-capita basis.
2) Turn-back monies received from the County Road Millage Tax. The City receives 80% of the road millage levied by the Quorum Court on real and personal property located within the city.