Recycling and Trash Site Improvements

recycling and trash facility.JPG

What is this project?

This project was an expansion and improvement of the Recycling and Trash division's facility on Happy Hollow Road. The project includes improvements to the division's offices and transfer station building, parking areas, access drives and other site elements. The total expansion area is approximately 5,450 square feet, and the existing office area - approximately 2,800 square feet - was also renovated, resulting in a total of 8,200 square feet of space.

Why is it important?

Since the previous facility was built nearly three decades ago, the division's workforce has gone up nearly 30 percent. The new facility relieved  parking shortfalls that are evident when the division provides education services, such as high school tours of the facility.  Additionally, there is a desire to expand the City's recycling programs in the future.

What is the current status?

Construction was completed in 2017

How was the project funded?

This project will be funded from the Solid Waste Office and Transfer Station Expansion project in the Solid Waste Fund. The total project cost, including engineering and architectural fees, construction, furnishings and equipment, and contingency, is $4,134,463.

LEED Certification

Among the city’s goals for this project was to design the new building to LEED Silver standard with low impact development (LID) site design, energy and water use efficient design, and compliance with the city’s resolution for “green” buildings. McGoodwin, Williams & Yates architecture and engineering staff provided professional design services for this project.

Green Features

  • Bicycle Parking and changing room
  • Low-Emitting & Fuel Efficient Vehicle Parking
  • Native, water-efficient Landscaping
  • White Reflective (cool) roof
  • Water Efficient Low-Flow Fixtures
  • Energy Efficient LED Lighting with Occupancy Sensors
  • Energy Efficient Building Envelope and HVAC Systems
  • Use of recycled and local building materials for construction of building
  • Construction waste recycling
  • Use of low-emitting interior materials
  • Purchase of Green Power for the building