All fees associated with each Division under the Development Services Department are listed below. Several of our fees vary, which may be explained in the corresponding application. Access the Development Services Department applications page or contact us if you need further assistance.

City of Fayetteville Fees Ordinance

New Development, Licensing and Permitting System Now in Operation

The City of Fayetteville has implemented a new web-based system called EnerGov™ to handle applications and payments for Planning, Engineering, Building Safety, Business Licensing, Alcoholic Beverage and HMR/Supplemental Beverage: EnerGov Citizen Self-Service Portal transition information.

Fee Tables

  1. Building Safety Permits
Fee CategoryFee AmountNotes
Building Permit Renewal
$50Building permits must be renewed every 6 months, if project is not completed.
Certificate of Occupancy
Commercial Building Permit

Fees are based on the use of the building and the cost of construction. Call the Commercial Permit Coordinator at 479-575-8238 for more information.
Fee ScheduleVariesFee schedule information sheet

Outside City Limits Plumbing (Permit per inspection)

$20In addition to the initial permit fee, each inspection required shall incur a $20 inspection fee.
Permit Processing Fee
$200A non-refundable permit processing/review fee will be required for all triplexes or larger and all commercial projects. This fee shall be applied as a credit to the total fees due once the building permit is obtained.
Plan Review Fee
VariesEqual to one half (1/2) of the total permit fees.
Re-Inspection Fee
$25Is required for a re-inspection to correct a violation(s) and/or if installation is not ready for requested inspection. All re-inspect fees must be paid prior to the inspection taking place.
Subsequent Re-Inspections
$50+The fee shall be double the amount of the previous fee, with a maximum of $200.
Temp Certificate of Occupancy
$25May be issued for a period of up to 30 days.
Subsequent Temporary Certificate of Occupancy
$50+A fee shall be imposed that is double the amount of the previous fee, with a maximum of $200, until a final COO is granted.
  1. Business License Fees
  1. City Planning Fees
  1. Engineering Fees
  1. Water and Sewer Tap Fees
  1. Impact Fees
  1. Water and Stormwater Impact Fees