Codes and Regulations

Each Division and program within Development Services is responsible for administering and enforcing various chapters of Fayetteville's Unified Development Code. Because our codes are constantly changing to reflect Federal or State requirements and to keep up with community trends and needs, please coordinate with the Development Services Department to ensure that you are using the most current City Codes.
City Plan Rendering

Development and Zoning Codes

While the Development Services Department is responsible for facilitating the private development review process in Fayetteville, enforcement of the City's zoning and development codes is a combined effort across several divisions, including City Planning, Engineering, Solid Waste and Urban Forestry.

Building Safety Codes

Fayetteville's building, electrical, energy, mechanical, plumbing and gas codes are taken directly from Arkansas State building standards and added to when reviewing for Fayetteville. Enforced by the Building Safety Division, these codes are in place to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public through regulation of building construction practices. You can view City Building Code regulations here. Additionally available is a list of currently adopted building safety codes (including those under consideration by City Council).

City Zoning Map

The City's zoning map on GIS is a virtual guide and tool for users, but the official zoning map is kept within the City Planning Division. It is available for viewing at 125 W. Mountain Street.

Contact Us

Please contact the City Planning Division if you need further assistance with Fayetteville's development and zoning codes at 479-575-8267.