Boys & Girls Club

The City of Fayetteville has provided financial support for the Fayetteville Boys and Girls Club since 1967. Park and FBGC staff work together each year to create a “Working Agreement” to help avoid duplication or competition of programs between the two organizations.


FBGC basically offers indoor programs with the exception of youth football and summer camps and Parks, Natural Resources and Cultural Affairs offers outdoor recreation programs and facilities with the exception of programs at the Yvonne Richardson Community Center (YRCC). FBGC provides bus service for the YRCC programs held within the City and transportation to the free lunch program offered in the summer at Owl Creek School.

Front view of Boys and Girls Club

Common Good

It is the intent of both agencies to work together for the common good of the citizens by not providing public funding for multiple competing program offerings. If the Youth Center was not providing recreational services for our youth as well as citizens, the City of Fayetteville would need to assume the responsibility.


For the past several years, the city transferred $205,350 to the FBGC from the general fund. Within the agreement, the FBGC building is used as an emergency shelter for the City of Fayetteville. The contract and an ordinance to waive competitive bidding will come before City Council after the annual budget is approved.


Contact the information desk at 479-442-9242 or via email for more information.