Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks


The City has a joint lease agreement with Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks (BGSO) to lease 44 acres on the east side of Lake Fayetteville Park for the purpose of building a botanical garden. This lease is for 25 years and may be renewable for three additional 25 years upon mutual agreement of both parties.

In consideration of this lease, BGSO offers free general admission to the garden on Saturdays from 9 a.m. - Noon. BGSO presents an annual progress report to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and City Council.
Bed of purple and red flowers sits in front of light pole

Program Approval

BGSO must obtain the approval of Park Staff on the routing and design of all public trails through the land lease area. City Council has approved Phase 1A of the BGSO Master. Further updates of the phases will go before City Council for final approval. Park Staff reviews all plans for construction, future alteration and improvements at the garden.

Any major changes to the approved Master Plan must be approved by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. BGSO must abide by all City and Park Ordinances. BGSO did receive approval from City Council to sell alcohol at their events. The City receives a copy of BGSO’s annual financial audit.

For the Botanical Gardens please contact us at 479-750-2620 or via email for more information.