What Can I Recycle?

Recyclable: Glass bottles and jars

Glass Bottles and Jars

It can be any color. For the safety of our workers, please do not include broken glass in your green bin. You may take it to one of our drop-off centers.

No light bulbs, Pyrex, windows or ceramics, like coffee mugs.

Recyclable example: glass bottles
Recyclable: aluminum cans

Aluminum Cans

Only the cans, please!

Aluminum foil and pans are not accepted.
Recyclable example: Aluminum cans
Recyclable: plastic bottles

#1 and #2 Plastic Bottles

Only bottles please! Look for the (1) or (2) on the bottom. Detergent and soap bottles are just fine. And you do not have to remove the cap!

What is a bottle?

It is a container that has an opening smaller than the base.

Why not #3-#7?

#3-#7 plastics cannot be recycled at this time due to a lack of recycling markets. When recycling markets that can account for the recycling of these plastics are found, the program will be reinstated.
Recyclable examples: Plastic Containers, milk, jugs, shampoo bottles and detergent
Recyclable: Tin Cans

Steel Cans

Only the cans, please!

Other steel and metal products can be recycled at private scrap yards in Fayetteville.

Recyclable example: clean steel cans
Recyclable: cardboard and paperboard

Cardboard and Paperboard

Small or large, even cereal boxes and shoe boxes. Please flatten before recycling.

Pizza boxes are fine, just remove any leftover pizza or crust.
Cardboard product examples that may be recycle: cereal boxes, toilet paper tubes, boxes
Recyclable: paper

Mixed Paper and Newspaper

Almost any kind of paper, including phone books, printer paper, magazines, and junk mail.

Shredded paper can be brought to either of the Recycling Drop-off Centers and placed in the mixed paper container.

Recyclable example:  mixed paper products such as bags, newspaper, egg crates, envelopes
Recyclable: Yard waste

Yard Waste

Grass, leaves and brush get recycled, too! If you have curbside recycling, you can put out yard waste the same day as your other recyclables. You can also take it to our composting facility. We turn your yard waste into compost and mulch that you can use in your garden!

Can I recycle this?

  • Yes: cardboard, mixed paper, plastic bottles ONLY, cans and glass
  • No: plastic bags, food waste, Styrofoam, paper cartons, foil pans or plastic containers