Employment Opportunities

Fayetteville Police Chief Mike Reynolds administering the oath of office to four new officers
Fayetteville Police Chief Mike Reynolds posing with four newly sworn in officers
The job of a police officer is a highly visible, critical public safety job. Fulfilling the responsibilities of the job requires you to remain calm in the face of danger, be restrained in your actions and constantly concerned with the welfare of others. A police officer is a role model.

Both your personal and official life and affairs must be conducted in an exemplary manner. You must make a commitment to the profession as the work requires long hours; many times working weekends, holidays and/or night shifts which may restrict normal social relations.

The Fayetteville Police Department endeavors to hire the most qualified applicants. Our requirements conform to the standards issued by the Arkansas State Legislature. Our commitment to the City of Fayetteville is to provide the best possible applicants who will be trained to protect our citizens and serve our community. This is a highly responsible position that involves networking with the community and the protection of life and property.

For more information on the hiring process please contact the City of Fayetteville Human Resources Division.