College Avenue

Phase 2:  Maple Street to North Street (West Side) Construction COMPLETE
Phase 1:  Maple Street to North Street (East Side)  Construction COMPLETE

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What is this project

Phase 2 of this project is for pedestrian enhancements along College Avenue from Maple Street to North Street, which will include the following:

  • 10’ wide concrete sidewalks located directly behind the curb line along the WEST SIDE of the highway.
  • Installation of decorative street lights.
  • Installation of trees located in grated tree wells.
  • Modification of the traffic signals at Maple Street to accommodate pedestrian crossings on 4 legs of the intersection.
  • Modification of the traffic signals at North Street to accommodate pedestrian crossings on 3 legs of the intersection.
  • Replacement of curb and gutter, and a reduction in the number and width of driveway curb cuts (where possible).
  • Removal and burial of overhead electric lines (where feasible).
  • Installation of a signalized pedestrian crossing in the vicinity of Trenton Blvd. and Rebecca Street.

Why is it important?

The College Avenue project is a necessary part of the City's continued effort to make Fayetteville's neighborhoods walkable by 2030. The enhancements will provide much-needed upgrades to our growing city, which will contribute to an overall better quality of life.

What is the current status?


When is completion expected?

Sidewalks north of North Street are planned for 2018 and beyond.

How was this project funded?

Construction will be by City crews with funding from the Transportation Bond Fund.

Additional Details

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Conceptual Plan Sheets
Construction Plans Full Set (EAST SIDE)