Bike Rack Installation

The City of Fayetteville is committed to providing convenient and secure ways to park your bicycle. Business owners are now able to request the installation of a bike rack near their establishment for the use of customers and residents alike. Use the tools provided to submit a request, or learn more information on bike parking in Fayetteville.

Business Request Form for Bike Parking

Fayetteville Bike Parking Code 172.10

Fayetteville is a Gold-level city for Bicycle Friendly Businesses; League of American Biyclists

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?

Requests will be processed once at least five (5) rack locations have been submitted for approval; this means that processing times may vary depending on the number of requests at a given time. Program-wide, a minimum of five racks must be approved in order to begin installation. Installation may take place as soon as the location is approved and minimums are met. 

Who can request bike parking?

Installation sites may be requested by anyone- business or property owners, residents or guests of a local business are all encouraged to request bike parking.  

What constraints are there for bike rack installations?

Bike racks paid for by the City must be installed within 50 feet of a main entrance and on public right-of-way concrete sidewalk or other concrete footers.

Loading or bus zones, cracked sidewalks, in-pavement utilities, parking space locations, parking meters and entrance locations all dictate whether or not a rack can be installed at a particular location.

A fee is required for any rack installed on private property 

Rack locations requiring the construction of a concrete slab may not qualify for approval. 

Contact Us

For any questions or concerns contact the City Mobility Coordinator via email or by phone at 479-575-8243.