Community-Oriented Policing Division

The Fayetteville Police Department is committed to serving our community by providing the best police service possible with well-trained, professional and community-oriented police officers. We realize police work does not just involve responding to calls for service, writing citations or taking “bad guys” to jail. Community programs have been carefully developed as an outreach to everyone in our community. Some of these programs were developed using models from across the country and others were the ideas of Fayetteville Police Officers. Some of our community programs are geared toward serving our at-risk population such as the elderly and at-risk youth. Others focus on crime prevention and proactive projects to lessen crime and improve the quality of life for all our citizens. The Community-Oriented Policing Division (COP) is made up of specially trained officers whose focus is presenting information to neighborhood associations, businesses, churches, and other groups. Presentations can include information on safety, crime prevention, drug abuse, and numerous other topics.

Community Policing Programs

The Community-Oriented Policing Division also focuses on community events that are specifically geared toward improving relationships between the department and its citizens, such as Coffee with a Cop, National Night Out, and several others.

Community Events

  • National Night Out
  • Coffee with a Cop
  • Copes and Cones
  • Dodgeball for Doggies
  • Cops and Coats
  • AAO Community Block Party
  • Neighborhood Heroes
  • Bring the Heat Jalapeno Eating Contest
  • Neighborhood Pop-Up Parties

Sgt. A. Murphy

Anthony Murphy

Cpl. G. Dawson

Greg Dawson

Cpl. N. Eucce

Portrait of Officer Natalie Eucce