Construction Requirements

For new or renovated structures – except one- and two-family dwellings – compliance with the 2012 Arkansas Fire Prevention Code, Volume I and II, is required before issuance of a use and occupancy permit. These inspections are required as part of the permit process. The Fayetteville Fire Marshal’s Office has developed a guide to help contractors through the construction process. The guide and the following information is designed to make your inspection go smoothly. Please make the appropriate contractors aware of this information. Following the tips in this section should help you avoid many of the common obstacles to getting an inspection completed in a timely manner.

Inspection Requests

Schedule a request for an inspection by calling the Fire Marshal’s Office, 479-444-3448. Inspection requests shall be made by the general contractor.

What You Need For Your Fire Inspection

  • Approved Plans include, but are not limited to, architectural drawings, fire alarm and sprinkler plans. Approved plans must be kept on site at all times for use by inspectors. Approved plans will have a stamp from the Fayetteville Fire Marshal’s Office. Shop drawings and other plans without a Fire Marshal's Office stamp are not acceptable. Plans must be electronically submitted to this office and approved prior to any construction at
  • Pre-Inspection Worksheet must be filled out and signed by the general contractor prior to our arrival. This worksheet must be kept on site at all times. System shall be 100% pre-tested prior to the Fire Marshal's arrival.
  • Comment Letters/Review Sheets from the City’s plans review office and the Fire Marshal’s Office are part of your approved plans. These must be kept on site at all times for use by inspectors. Make sure you read them thoroughly; these letters often contain important information not found on the plans themselves. 
  • Plan Revisions. Construction must match the approved plans. If changes are made to construction or systems, as-built plans shall be submitted for review to the Fire Marshal’s Office. Approved as-built plans with a Fire Marshal’s Office stamp must be on site for the final inspection. Deviations without approved as-built plans will result in a failed inspection.